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Mpika Tourism Association (MTA)

Founded in 2010, Mpika Tourism Association is a non-profit organisation targeting to combine the efforts of local tourism and service providers for the benefits of our visitors. MTA was established with the valueable assistance from “Open Africa”, an organisation linking individual tourism routes troughout Africa. See also

Mpika is the centre of "The Munjili Wilderness Experience", the route through Northern Province
of Zambia.

And the "Munjili" (Bemba: Warthog) is our flagship species with the benefits of special monitoring and protection of these, through poaching highly endangered, fellows.

Following tourism-service-providers are either registered MTA-members and/or offer other valuable services and assistance: (in no specific order and steadily expanding)

-        Bayama’s Lodge
-        Kapishya Hot Springs
-        Buffalo Camp
-        Shiwa Ngandu Estates
-        Chintimukulu Community Camp
-        Luangwa North Camp
-        Institute for Christian Leadership
-        Chisonkolo Waterfalls
-        Mazingo Hotel
-        Munyamadzi Community Bushcamp
-        Natwange Community Bushcamp
-        Muches Guesthouse
-        Tusha Safari Lodge

The administrative office of MTA is situated within Bayama’s premisses and offers already following:

·        Local Maps
·        Accommodation Reservation Service
·        Tips and Information for Trips, Sight-Seeing and Shopping
·        Linkage to all MTA Members 

For further information concerning MTA please contact:
·        Mr. Wesley Wakunuma, Chairperson       [email protected]
·        Mr. Adrian Mubi, Secretary                   [email protected]
·        Mr. Andreas Prufer, Founding Member     [email protected]

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Bayam's Lodge, Pub & Grill

We believe in what we do and that’s why we're committed to host more people like you, every day. To make sure all our services are as seamless as it can be, there are lots of things we offer. Our range of services are from lodge with chalets and rooms to pub and restaurant with pizza and more. Don't forget, we specialize in thinking outside-the-box to serve our guests. If you're looking for new ways to bring your dreams to life, then have our team to serve you.